You've Got to See Inside This Teeny Cabin in the Alps

Are you a big fan of tiny houses and log homes? Well, then you gotta see inside this teeny Austrian cabin in the Alps! We just love travelling, and when selecting a place to stay, we often do it for the experience of staying in simple, original – yet beautiful – accommodations. And this is one place we would definitely consider. With its minimalist, space-saving design, this cabin has it all. Let’s just peek in the windows for a sec – via these pictures – to get a sense of what it’s all truly about.

As you wind your way up the gravel path towards the cabin, you’ll first be fascinated by the eye-catching, quirky exterior. At first glance, it gives the impression of an oddly-shaped shack. But as you get closer, you start to see something else. Lovingly named the “Ufogel” which means “UFO-Bird” in German, you gotta admit – especially with that beak-shaped smoke stack - it does indeed look somewhat like an unidentified flying bird! The steps up to the front door are also reminiscent of the classic UFOs oft-seen in old alien movies.

Oh, but the inside is completely surprising! With its natural wood finish contrasting with stainless steel, the interior feels both ancient and post-modern at the same time. Slatted windows cast light downwards at sharp angles, illuminating the interior in fascinating UFO-like ways.

With a strategically-placed sleeping nook in one window, and a queen-sized bed on the far wall, the bedroom still has plenty of room for more! What a lovely nest to curl up in – and the light here is plentiful, too.

We’ve seen inside this teeny cabin in the Alps, and we’ve given it our enthusiastic stamp of approval – it truly is a place worth staying a night or two – or three!

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