You've Got to See Inside This Teeny Cabin in the Alps

This unique small house plan called the Ufogel is the perfect place to stay while on vacation in the mountains of Austria. This tiny wood cabin located deep in the mountains in Austria has a gorgeous interior with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. From the outside, the wood cabin looks a bit like a UFO, which is where it gets part of its name, combined with fogel which is the German word for bird. The unique small house plan does look a bit like a bird. And you'll be amazed at how the bedroom manages to look so spacious. And at a $150 per night, the Ufolgel is a reasonable price with a view so good.

The Ufogel unique small house plan is the creation of an extraordinary and comfortably appointed home design that is made almost entirely of larch wood. The wood cabin takes its name from its form which sometimes bears a resemblance to a prehistoric bird and sometimes to extraterrestrial home design. And the Ufogel is certainly not a standard, off-the-peg home design but more of a piece of art to live in, which reveals itself to be spatial wonder the minute you walk through the door. The Ufolgel has 485 square feet of living space, with a kitchen unit, water closet and designer shower. The unique small house plan has large panorama windows that help to bring nature indoors to you, while the curved timber wood cabin is covered with traditional shingles that create a feeling of warmth and security. The Ufogel wood cabin offers both openness and a sense of security. The large panorama windows in the wood cabin help to bring the landscape indoors giving you the feeling you are still outside while the round shell of the home conveys a cozy, woody feeling of security. This makes the Ufogel unique small house plan a refuge full of warmth and rustic character where you will have the best sleep of your life.

This small compact cabin building, is made entirely of wood, both inside as well as outside. The smell of wood flows throughout the house. The unique small house plan has a generous, access bridge-like connection to the seemingly floating cabin building. Following you will find the kitchen with sink and a hob. The kitchen has a stove with optional hotplate which compliments the kitchen and helps to spread warmth throughout the house. The cantilevered table in the space can comfortably accommodate six to eight people. For extra seating, the seat can be folded down. The huge panoramic window in the wood cabin connects the inside to the outdoor. Natural building materials, coupled with quality building products of the best of the region. Whether you relax comfortably, watching television, sleeping, playing, cooking or just want to calm down nothing seems impossible. Upstairs in the Ufogel, there is a spacious double bed in pine, which can also be transformed into a bed when needed. Another separate bunk in the wood cabin offers the special recreational value for two. An open glass cabinet with a view into the shower also creates sufficient space for luggage. The barrier-free bathroom overlooks the mountains of East Tyrol making for the ultimate shower experience. The Ufogel wood cabin has floor heating, which can also be optionally be supplemented by the stove. There is a refrigerator and a storage box with several areas available. For hot summer days, there is also a fully automatic sun protection system is installed, which can be operated manually.

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