You Won't Believe How Incredible This Log House Is until You See This Video Tour

Take a break from your day and take a log home tour in this Sweetwater Virtual Tour by eLogHomes.Com. It is always so interesting to see what the interiors of different homes look like, especially large log home like this one. The exterior looks so warm and inviting you just have to know what the inside of the home will look like! The Sweetwater log home is one of the many log home models from eLog Homes, a major distributor and manufacturer of log homes and cabins. It is just incredible that these days we can take a tour of a log home from the comfort of our own home on our computer! This is one of the ways that companies like eLog Homes and others help prospective customers to choose the perfect log home for them without having to make a lengthy trip just to view them. The video of this virtual tour is uploaded on YouTube which makes it so easy for anyone to have a look, the eLog Homes company also has many other log home virtual tours for other log home models they have designed, so you could take tours of a few or more log homes.

This Sweetwater log home has a lot to love about it. This home is enormous at 2,891 square feet, the exterior shows off how large this log home is, but it isn't until you get inside that you can truly appreciate the size of this log home. The front profile of the Sweetwater home boasts large windows and a beautifully handcrafted stone fireplace that extends above the home. The front patio is something to be admired and seems to extend around a good majority of the log home. What a great feature to have on a home, a super large patio space that you can dedicate to lounging and dining outside all summer long. There are even different access points to the patio and then into the house. The entrance we are taken through on the virtual tour, consists of gorgeous double doors with glass panes in them, this really modernizes the log home, and the window panes allow even more bight sunlight into the home, as well as opening the home up to all of the incredible views that are sure to surround the home.

This log home model has a total of four bedrooms and three bathrooms, this is more than enough space for a larger family to live in comfortably full time. The floor plan is super open, with so much space for furniture and decor. The living room is the first room we see on this tour, and you will see just how large it is in the video! The gorgeous vaulted cathedral ceilings make you feel like you are in a mountain chalet. All of that warm glowing wood makes the interior feel so warm and cozy, and all of the windows really open up the living room space even more. The kitchen and dining room are also on the main floor, as well as the master bedroom with its very own bathroom and walk in closet. This log home is what luxury living looks like! The handcrafted staircase is adorned with cute little wood carvings of animals, giving the home a nice original and unique touch. The loft area that over looks the main floor really gives a great perspective of how large this log home actually is. With two bedrooms, a bathroom and an area for seating or a games room, this home really has it all. This is one of those log homes that really makes a person want to build a log home of their very own. Have fun taking the virtual tour of this home and check out more homes from eLog Homes while you're at it!

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