WOW! This $113,650 Log Home Might as Well Be a Resort

You will want to take a look inside of this Coventry $113,650 log house. This log house model was featured in the August 2011 issue of the Country's Best Cabins. Inside six of the five doorways to the outside of the log house extend for access to the outdoor living spaces onto the porch, open deck, and garage. This log house is called the Silver Ranch model of prefab log cabin kits. Prices for this log house design start at $59,600 for the pre-cut package and go to $122,750 for the complete package. This log house design is 1,812 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Upstairs there is a loft and down below there are an open concept design and cathedral ceiling. On the main floor of this stunning log house design, there are three bedrooms, an open kitchen/living room/dining room, and bathroom. On the main floor of this log house design, there is also a covered porch, garage, and an open deck. The upstairs of this log house has an open loft space. Throughout this log house design, you will find stonework, lots of windows and exposed beams.

When it comes to decorating a log house like this log furniture is a good option. Using log furniture is well suited for log house designs and prefab log cabin kits. You might opt for log furniture used on the outdoor patio area, and interior as well. Log furniture is a style and type of rustic furniture that incorporates the use of whole logs and branches in its design. Log Furniture is often very strong and long lasting, depending on the construction methods used. Log furniture, other types of rustic furniture and reclaimed wood furniture have increased in popularity in recent years. Because log furniture has become so popular, there are more styles of log furniture decor available than ever before for people wanting to furnish their log homes, mountain lodges, country homes or log cabins. Using log furniture to decorate your log house or log cabin is a great way to add character and texture to your log house. You can combine log furniture with modern pieces of furniture for a layered look that works.

This is just one of the log home kits for sale that you will find on the "Coventry Log Homes" site. The Silver Ranch log house comes from the tradesman series of log homes with "Coventry Log Homes." This log house company has over 60 models of log house kits in five categories with the Craftsman log houses, the Tradesman log houses, the Cabin log houses and the Recreational Camp Series as well as log house additions and garages. The log home kits for sale are built at the mill at Coventry Log Homes where they produce three package options from the log wall, the shell and the complete log home package in a variety of log profiles. Coventry log houses also produce home kits. When people are looking for log home kits; they want to know that the company they are purchasing their log home kits from practices green building methods. The Silver Ranch log house kit is built by Coventry Log Homes, and the good news about this quality log house company is that all of their construction methods meet the highest levels of green building practices. "Coventry Log Homes uses products that are all-natural and do not contain any harmful toxins. The log house company works with local loggers who manage all of the natural resources uses responsibly. "Coventry Log Homes" also recycles all the excess wood that used in their log house manufacturing. *

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