Wire Spool Repurposed Into A Wine Table

Altering an ordinary piece into a brilliant work of art requires mainly innovation and creativity, but it also requires a careful eye when it comes to re-purposing. Do you know someone with a backyard full of these old things? Ever wonder to yourself just what you could do with them because they are just so cool looking? Whether you are driving through the Tuscan, Californian or Okanagan wine country, you will not be surprised to find these funky looking pieces of wood flipped on their side to use a wine tables.

One could also use these funky tables for plant holders or wine chillers, since they often have a hole in the top of them. You can keep it very simple and really just flip it over. Make sure it is level and sanded for any rough bits. Start with a coarse sander and move to a fine one for softly finished pieces. You could also get really creative, provided you have a bit of a builders thumb and follow the step by step video photos from this builders gallery. This is actually a fun project for any wine experts. Aside that it builds a great conversation piece if you are planning for a wine tasting party, it is also a wonderful gift idea to a comrade wine lover.

What do you do if you do not have these pieces of wood lying around in your yard? Well you could always try calling your local hardware store and ask them if they have any wire spools that they wanted to rid themselves of. I have even heard stories of stores having so many; they were willing to drop them off to your door step. That or try searching at craigslist of Kijiji. So once you are done with this project, invite your friends over and I'm partly sure they will love your wine table.

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