Tiny House Camper

If you’re searching to explore the world in a conventional built tiny house camper, this might be the right link and article for you. Here is a wonderful example of how to build a tiny house... on wheels! With some style of course too, you may hit the road in this tiny little cabin trailer. Stop and place it anywhere and it's extremely portable. Isn't it cute? You will want to check out the photos for this one which we will link at the bottom of this article. Some building and assembly instructions are included, and you are just going to adore this awesome little home.

There are actually main pros and cons of living in a tiny house. Let me tackle the pros first! Living in a tiny house feels a lot finer than living in a travel trailer. Aside that it is stick-built, it has a “homey” look and feeling. In most cases, you can easily move it to another location when you feel like moving to another place. Does it sound cool? Well, the best part of it is you can actually built it exactly on how you want it to be done. If you’re into a healthy living lifestyle, you can build and design it free of toxic materials. Isn't it a very clever and stylish idea? This one makes our top 10 favourite portable homes for 2015.

So now that I already revealed the pros, let me site some of the cons too. Tiny house camper weights a lot more heavier than most of the RV's, therefore it’s expensive when it comes to towing. Aside from that, it enchants attention on the road and they’re quite challenging to find a place for parking. But don’t worry about the parking, it’s still possible to find one.