Take a Close Look at this Log Cabin... What Do You See?

When thinking of a place that will be a nice retreat cabins in the woods often come to mind. Some might even call this home perfect! A little cabin with a creek close by! How nice would it be to even stay at this place just for a week or two, or even own one just like it? It's definitely a rustic kind of cabin too, which always makes for a very homey and inviting space to relax and de-stress from the hectic nature of busy modern day life! Couldn't you just picture yourself here, sipping a nice ice cold beverage, in the calm of the surrounding forest? Taking in the sounds and sights of the amazing natural surroundings? Birds, insects, maybe even some fish in the creek if you're lucky!

This little cabin has the perfect cabin ambiance, not to overly done up, just a nice and simple place to go to get away from it all for a little while and explore nature and your own inner being. This log cabin looks like it might have been around for a while too, maybe it's even as old as 100 years old. A cabin like this would definitely have been the perfect homestead for a little family, and they wouldn't have needed much more than that.

Look at the nice stone chimney, that has probably had tons of lovely fires crackling away in it. Imagine all of the meals and the good times, and quiet times this cabin has seen. The other wonderful thing, is that it is right by a nice sized little creek. Its always so important to have some water source by a cabin or house out in the country. It makes for a good place to collect water from, and to have a nice dip in on hot days. Head over to 'Rustic Cabin Life' on Facebook, by clicking the link in the section below!

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