Read This before You Spend a Fortune to Build a Log House

While many people around the world are looking for a more sustainable form of building houses, there is a way that has been around for centuries that we can still use today! Take this Brook Lodge pre fabricated Log Cabin for example, this log home would be the perfect home for anyone who wants a log home but doesn't need a large space. The wonderful thing about log homes is that they have so many benefits over conventional dry wall homes. Log homes and cabins are very sustainable, as they are made from renewable materials that come from the Earth. Most of the logs used to build these log homes and cabins come from sustainable tree plantations, where the trees are used for their wood, and then more are planted in their place to grow into more trees for more logs. This is a better way of going about this process, rather than just chopping down any tree, so that we can keep the ancient growth forests alive, with their habitats thriving.

New Forest Log Cabins, is a log cabin kit building company that provides log cabin kits for all of the United Kingdom. Their registered office is out of Westbury, Sherborne, Dorset in the UK and they also have their administrative office out of Horton, Wimborne, Dorset. The company works with their customers to provide a size and style of cabin that will suit the customer's needs and desires, and they even have a phone line that you can call, so you can speak to someone directly on the phone, so you can figure out what kind of log home or cabin you want. They provide all of the materials needed to build the log cabin that you purchase, and will be happy to help you with anything else you may need assistance with too. They also have a great and informative website, with many different sections that you can look at any time to answer any questions you may have. Its great to research as much as you can when buying a cabin so that you can make the best choice possible for yourself.

This particular home, The Brooke Log Cabin, is a cozy and simple, log home. It is a smaller home, that features 1 bedroom, and 1 bathroom, with an open concept kitchen and living room area. The patio doors on the side of the home open up to the outdoors, there is also potential for a beautiful deck to be built at the front of the home, and to wrap around the side of the home. The total square footage of the home doesn't look to be more than 300 square feet, and is one level. Although it is small, it is perfect for a couple or a single person, or to use as a recreation property. Sometimes you don't need any more than a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen! Just the simple things that we need in everyday life. There are larger log homes on their site as well, if you want to go bigger, and you can also check out the other larger floor plans on their website. It could also be used as a rental unit on your property as many people are doing to increase their income. It could make for a great guest house as well.

Log homes are not only a great and sustainable home to buy, they are one of the most sturdy houses you can build. They are also very energy efficient, since the thermal mass of the logs is so high and they make wonderful insulators. The logs also act as air filters, filtering out some of the bad toxins in the air, which conventional homes don't do. Over all log homes are amazing and a wonderful choice of building that will last a lifetime!

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