Now This Is How You Restore A Vintage Camper WOW

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"The Nugget" sure wasn't much to look at when it was first purchased. The 1973 Bell travel trailer underwent a spectacular 4 month transformation. Now this is how you restore a vintage camper - WOW! What started out as boring and dated, has become a funky, whimsical, fabulous vintage camper infused with art deco fun, modern touches and western charm. With a new paint job inside and out, it is a bright, cheery, comfortable home away from home that invites you to plunk yourself down in a little piece of heaven.

It is the love of being able to drive where ever you whim takes you and take your home with you, that draws millions to the RVing world. Since the first RV, a Pierce - Arrow's Touring Landau, made it's debut at Madison Square Gardens in 1910, camping trailers have evolved to include many luxuries such as king sized beds, hot water showers, microwave and convection ovens, satellite TV's and more. Taking a vacation in you own back yard, so to speak, no longer means roughing it on the hard ground and cooking over a campfire. Today 8.2 million US households own an RV, some of them like this vintage camper found on 'Tiny House For Us'.

'Tiny House For Us' provides free listings of tiny houses for sale or rent, as well as listings of space for parking your tiny house, all across the US. It is here that you will also find the latest news about the tiny house movement, as well as resources, tips and more, about all things tiny house related, including "The Nugget". With it's cheery wallpaper, bright interior, funky accessories and simple curtains, this tiny house is big on charm. From the updated kitchen, to it's reupholstered seats, this little camper is anything but dreary or old. It's is awesomely vintage! Check it out on 'Tiny House For Us' or by following the link below.

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