How to Make a Spectacular Floor Lamp with Logs

For all the log home fans out there, this is a great tutorial on how to make a spectacular floor lamp with logs. If you're fortunate enough to live in the wilderness, you may even have logs available ... read more

Moose Ridge Lodge. Small Post and Beam Home, Big Appeal!

The Moose Ridge log cabin home kit is a modern take on the mountain lodge style of log homes. This beautiful pre-built log cabin package is located in the stunning New Hampshire mountains. Inside this ... read more

The Horse-Loving Family Converted an Old Barn into a Magnificent Home, Check This Out!

This custom built barn home was created by a horse loving family where they could work and live together with their beloved horses. On the ground level, the Butler family has a built in barn with the ... read more

2720 Sq. Ft. Modern Barn Home with Must See Floor Plan

This modern barn is just one of the house plans you might consider when building a new house. The modern barn design has 2,720 square feet of living space with 2,168 square feet on the first floor and ... read more

Famous Exterior of Barn Homes Built By Professionals

Be prepared to be amazed at these stunning barn exteriors and barn turned into houses. Not everyone thinks of barns turned into house when they think of their dream home design. But after taking a loo ... read more

Big Green Egg Summer Special

There is something about log houses that we can't resist. For starters using wood is a beautiful and healthy option. Log houses look good, and you can feel good about living in one. If a log house is ... read more

Awesome Little Carved Furniture for Sale

There are plenty of ways to decorate log house designs, and chainsaw-carved furniture is a unique way to add character to the inside and the outside of your log house construction. You will find all s ... read more

View of a Basement Being Constructed Utilizing Insulated Concrete Forms

When it comes time to buy a home, it can be hard to find exactly what you want in a pre-existing design, which is why building your own home is a great option. One of the key components of building a ... read more

People Love to Have One of These Houses from Rocky K Log Homes

People would love to have one of these houses from Rocky K Log Homes and Construction. For people looking to make their log home building dreams come true, Rocky K Log Homes and Construction is one o ... read more

Beautiful Winter Wonderland Cabin from McCall Log Home

If you are interested in building a log cabin of your very own, why not rent a few different ones first to test the waters? Visit this beautiful winter wonderland cabin in McCall for a taste of log h ... read more

The Top 10 Most Charming Winter Log Cabins

What’s the smartest way to build your dream log home? To research the topic as much as possible before you get started. This means talking to people who have built their own log homes, interviewing lo ... read more

Incredible Log Home Stairs and Rails Ideas

So you're building a log house, but you're not sure what type of stair case you want? Check out these incredible log home stairs and rails ideas. Log railings for stairs in a log house is probably y ... read more

3 In 1 High Chair, Rocking Horse And Writing Desk

There are many ways to furnish your home from mass produced furniture designs that are priced affordably but don't always last as long, to custom furniture designs, log wood furniture and more. This 3 ... read more

An Alluring Log Home Interior with All the Coziness You Wish For

There are so many elements to what make a log house a home. From the size of the logs used to build the house, to the stonework and landscaping, to the log cabin furniture that decorates the place. Fo ... read more

Quality and Affordable Log Home Kit with Free 3D Design

There have never been more log home kits and log home kits for sale then there is today. Whether you want a tiny rustic log cabin or a luxury log home design, the number of choices can be overwhelming ... read more

Building Your Dream Log Home Within Your Budget

Log homes are more popular than ever, and it's no wonder as there is so much about them to love. A log home design can be used for either full-time living or as the vacation home of your dreams. And t ... read more

Absolutely Breathtaking Log Cabin in the Woods

Looking at wood cabins like these ones can be quite relaxing and enjoyable. Check out some of the absolutely breathtaking log cabins in the woods. Whether you own your own log cabin, are looking to ... read more

4987 Sq. Ft. Log Cabin Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle, Your Budget and Your Dreams

Building a log cabin or house can be a huge undertaking. This 4987 square foot log cabin is designed to fit your lifestyle, your budget and your dreams. It's always a very big decision to make to bu ... read more

Grand Authentic Log Home with Wrap Around Deck

Have you always dreamed of owning a log home or cabin? Well you can see what it's like to live in one by staying at this grand, authentic log home with a wrap around deck. Just pack some clothes and ... read more

You'll Going to Love The Latest Build Log House near Kelso, Scottish Borders

A log house and log house construction can mean many things to different people. For some, it might be a memory of a place where they spend summer vacations and holidays, for others a log house is con ... read more

Check out the New Live Edge Eastern Red Cedar Siding

Check out the new live edge eastern red cedar siding form Gable Log Homes. This siding is one of the many products that this awesome log home building company provides. They also sell log house pack ... read more

Kitchen Design Ideas for Today. Like Yes or No? Share If You Like!

When it comes to log house designs, the kitchen is one thing many people want to be a specific layout. Here are some great kitchen designs for today. Do you like them? If so, be sure to share so ot ... read more

2 Bedroom Log House with Kitchen and Living Area Sale at Just $19,000

The Louise is a charming log home kit that can be used as a garden shed or guest cottage; the choice is yours. This log home kit for sale is 452 square feet in size and has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a ... read more

Check out These Warm and Inviting Fireplaces and Interiors in Lok-N-Logs Log Homes

Check out these warm and inviting fireplaces and interiors in Lok-N-Logs log houses. Log houses just don't seem complete without a wood burning fire place, do they? There's nothing like the ambiance ... read more

Barn Homes Awesome Ideas Decorating

Decorating the modern barn home is not too different from decorating a normal home, but here are some awesome decorating ideas for the barn home. Everyone loves to decorate their home in their own un ... read more

Converted Barn Homes Fascinating Old Barn Converted Into Cozy Home

When you take a look at some of these barn home conversion you are sure to fall in love with at least one of the designs. It's no surprise that barn style houses are more popular than ever before with ... read more

Rustic yet Sophisticated Customized 24x50 Ponderosa Country Barn Home

It used to be that barns were used just for housing farm equipment and animals, but lately, modern barns are popping up all over the country. The barn style house that you will find on the Sand Creek ... read more

If Building a Barn Home on Your Land Is Part of Your Dream, Here Are Five Things to Consider

There are so many beautiful options when it comes to building a home. If building a barn home on your land is part of your dream, here are five things to consider. There are log homes, timber framed ... read more

Barn Style House for Sale – Unique Barn Conversion in Washington

When looking for a home, it has to speak to you and carry some kind of interest that pulls you in. That could be the case with this barn style house for sale. This is a unique barn conversion in Was ... read more

11 Amazing Old Barns Turned Into Beautiful Homes

When you think of barns turned into houses you usually think of rustic styled homes with plenty of reclaimed wood and cozy charm. But you are in for a surprise when you look at these modern barn style ... read more
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