This Nifty Barn Home Offers Some Pretty Impressive Features

The designs of log homes are absolutely gorgeous, including this The Great Plains Eastern Horse Barn House in Colorado! This beautiful home is made from a log cabin kit from Sand Creek Post & Beam, wh ... read more

This Is Not Just a Log Home, It’s a Lifestyle

Living a rustic lifestyle appeals to nature lovers world-wide, and why wouldn't it? Living amongst the trees, water, mountains, and woodland creatures provides peace and quiet that just can't be found ... read more

Holy Moly, Is This Log Home Breathtaking Or What?!

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This Stylish Santa Barbara Writer's Retreat Is So Freaking Inspiring

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Warning! This Log Home Might Become Your Next Obsession

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I’ve Always Preferred Apartments To Houses… Until I Saw THIS

Some people build homes that are tiny and modest, without being extravagant or adding unnecessary luxuries. In this economy, it can be hard to find a good paying and consistent job, especially if you ... read more

I Won’t Tell You What’s The Catch With This Log Home, But When You See It… OMG!

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This Is What A Real American Dream Home Looks Like

You know a log home and cabin building company is great when one of the log homes they have built is accepting offers starting at $10,000,000! Although this Simple Pioneer Log Cabin is not the majest ... read more

Only For People Who Really, Really Want A 100% American Log Home

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If You Love Log Homes, You Won’t Be Able To Resist This

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Like Country Style? You’ll Go Nuts Over This Barn Home

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Victorian Style House In Melbourne Transformed Into Elegant Contemporary Home With New Extension

This beautiful Victorian heritage home located in Armadale, which is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, got a total facelift. The home design was completely renovation by Mitsuori Architects. You hav ... read more

This Beautifully Restored Historic 1893 Victorian Has Many Interesting Featured Inside

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Wow! This Modern Victorian Style Home Is Truly Amazing!

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Egg Hack That I Wished I Had Known Earlier

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He Spread Coconut Oil in His Bread, When I Found Out Why I Ran to Try It

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He Added Coconut Oil in His Coffee, When I Found Out Why I Ran to Try It

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This Rustic Alaskan Cabin Is Becoming A Viral Symbol Of Off-Grid Living

This "Rustic Log cabin on Seward Highway" surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery you will find. Mountains, wildflowers, forests and blue sky's make this rustic log cabin the thing that dr ... read more
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