If You Love Log Homes and Don't Want to Spend a Ton of Money, Prefab Log Cabins Like This One Are Fantastic

Tex Products Introduces Certified Modular Log Homes to Their Log Cabin Line, and you may want to order your direct from the manufacturer home soon. Be the first in your neighborhood to have one of these great, long lasting, and popular small homes. There are also a lot of features and options that you will want to consider when you are thinking about buying or having one built on your property.

The foundation is a surprisingly important element in the construction. Tex Products will work closely with you to help you choose the best one to suit your personal needs and desires. For example, do you want or need a crawl space or basement? That means unique building and construction considerations. And Tex Products are always set on a crawl space or basement of some kind and design, whether it is concrete blocks or a poured concrete basement or other elements that need to be brought in to create the basement for your needs. Recreational cabins can have a concrete slab foundation poured in three different styles. That could include a floating slab, monolithic slab or even a footer slab. It all has to do with how thick the slab needs to be to meet your needs. Other construction has to be considered along with the slab such as plumbing and how to keep the little critters out of the house!

Then there are also the models to choose from. Each one has unique features that are going to appeal to the discriminating home buyer or builder. Tex Products will help you to design and build the perfect home for you. For example, the Woodland design is described as rustic and ready. The Adirondack design is called a classic cabin that has all the comforts of home. The Lanier combines rustic charm with a classic style. And there are many other types, styles and designs to choose. And that is only the beginning. Each building or structure also has a floor plan that you can choose. There are many different designs, changing and modified to suit the style of cabin that you have chosen. So each finished construction will have a real custom feel to it, a home that is built to meet your needs and the needs and desire of the people you will share this building with.

The Wood-Tex story begins in 1983, when Barb and Sanford Lapp moved to New York and started to build small sheds for the people around him. He was a self-made carpenter who had learned a lot about how to do it right. They spent a lot of time trying to make the business grow and become profitable. Over many years, and as their kids grew and helped, the Wood-Tex story came to fruition. Today, the sons of Barb and Sanford run a great business, building all kinds of custom and model homes, sheds, cabins and other constructions of the highest quality.Find out more about these homes and many others at the website, Wood-Tex Products.

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