How to Make a Special Edge on a Piecrust

If you love eating pies, then you would notice that pies can come with a variety of edges. Cooking is not just about making food, but it is also an art on how to make your food even look more appealing. Even though we are not in a baking school, today, we are going to share some great tips in this featured article.

There are many ways you could design the edges of your piecrust and today you will be able to learn some of them.

Fluting is not only decorative, it also serves a purpose. When you are doing a double crust, the will help secure the top crust to the bottom crust.

First, let us learn how to make the fluted-edge piecrust. It is one of the easiest since all you will need are just your fingers to shape it. Have your finger placed against the inner edge of the pie. Then with your thumb and index finger from your other hand, press the pie around the one that is inside it. Repeat around the piecrust.

The very easiest way to edge the piecrust is called the crisscross edge method. It can be done on a single or double crusted pie. All you will need is a fork. First, gently press and flatten the outside edges of your pie crust. Now hold the fork at an angle and press down into the crust. Go one direction, and then the other to create criss-cross lines.

The Scallop-edge piecrust is also a good design for the edges of your pie. This is perfect if you plan to make some old fashion looking pies. It starts by doing some fluted edges, then grab a spoon to shape them widely. The edges have to look round and soft once youre done.

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