How To Clean (Almost) Anything And Everything

Life is messy and complicated, but in all that chaos there are certain things that are beautifully simple. In a world where we are bombarded with brands and the newest thing since sliced bread, it sure is nice to know that sliced bread is sometimes just what you need! Take vinegar for example. With a splash of vinegar, you can clean anything from blinds to burnt pans to bath toys. While potatoes and cheese may sound like Poutine in the making, they're also compatible cleaning mates. When you're done grating the cheese, give that potato (and all its oxalic acids) a few passes over the grater to get all that cheese residue off. A burger's not a burger without juicy onions piled high, but did you know the onion is a double agent? It's not just a burger topping, but an excellent way to deglaze a charcoal grill when that burger is done sizzling! Safely wipe the onion over the hot grill to deglaze and watch that gunk disappear. As an added bonus, you leave behind a touch of flavor for the next dish.

Even something as daunting and unique as brassware can be tackled with a lemon and a bit of a salt. With spring cleaning comes spring shedding, for those of us who are pet owners. Grab a squeegee and start swiping; watch that hair pile up like a tumbleweed! Ladies, has your curling iron lost its shine? Steel wool will polish that up so you can style without the sticky residue of your last few hundred spritzes and sprays. In the end, when your house is a mess and you need a cleaning miracle, sometimes you need not look further then, well, your house! For all these simple tricks and many more, visit the link below the 'BuzzFeed' website and get cleaning!

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