HALLER LAKE LOG CABIN (Awesome Interior Photos)

The most amazing thing about log cabins is that they have been being built for centuries. This Haller Lake Log Cabin is a beautiful example of how wonderful log cabin building can really be. This great post from Small House Swoon, shows us a gallery of photos of this Haller Lake cabin in all of it's glory! There are so many beautiful aspects to the design of this lovely home, that you will see in each and every photo in this post. There really is more to building a home than just putting up four walls and some windows and a door, and this home proves that the design can truly make a home, a home.

From the exterior photos of the home, you can just tell that it will be all kinds of amazing inside as well. The charming little cabin looks so picture perfect, on the hill among the trees, on the lake, immersed in nature. The perfect setting for this lovely little getaway. The cabin was restored from it's original state and looks probably just as beautiful as it did the day it was built! The inside is just as sweet as the outside.

The stone work throughout the home is one thing that will catch the viewer's attention right away. Gorgeous, detailed and very meticulous stone mosaics are in pretty much every room of the house, including the living room where there is an amazing stone fire place that just looks so natural and like it is made from river rocks. The stone work extends to the floor, and the floor is covered with tiny stones making up a intricate natural stone design on the floors, and in the shower in the bathroom. This would be a lovely place to call home and feel closer to nature. Head over to 'Small House Swoon' by clicking the link in the description below for more!

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