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There are two types of log homes, the handcrafted log homes and the milled log homes. Among log houses already built, only 10% are those built with individually handcrafted logs with the use of handheld tools. A log house, which is handcrafted is made of logs that were peeled but still have their original natural looks unchanged. On the other hand, the 90% of the log homes built are made of milled logs. These milled logs, otherwise known as machine-profiled logs, are used to build the milled log homes. These logs went through a manufacturing process that removes the natural features of the tree or the log, creating timbers that have uniform appearances and sizes.

Typically, log cabin homes are small structures that have little or no wasted space and are built from all natural materials. However, new trends have surfaced, making log cabin homes appear as luxurious, rustic, and cozy houses. At the same time, many of these luxury log cabin homes still use all natural materials, but there are new building techniques and systems used for drying the logs effectively at proper rates.

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