Futuristic off-the-grid tiny home!

Tiny homes are always so cool to see, I love looking at articles like this one that shows us these innovative ways of living! Check out this awesome Futuristic off-the-grid tiny home! These little guys are so adorable, and look so futuristic and modern too, they look very interesting like a space ship or something! The design was created by Nice Architects, from Bratislava, Slovakia, and they have every intention of creating the best, most efficient design they can by being the most innovative and practical designers they can be. They want to give people positive solutions for their lifestyles that can make things efficient and beautiful.

The Ecocapsules are made to be available all around the world and they only weigh 3,300 pounds, so they are meant to be able to be pulled by almost anything! They even say they can be pulled like a wagon behind a horse! They will be coming out officially in 2016, so we will have to wait until then to see what they cost and people who want to order them can do so once they are out for sale. There is so much space in these little capsules as well too, so there is plenty of storage space available inside them and even a nice double bed. that folds up, with a flushable toilet, a dining area, a kitchenette and an area of 86 square feet.

The Ecocapsules run on their own, and use rainwater that is collected as well as wind energy and solar energy. What an incredible design that is so practical and innovative for the future of housing! I love seeing new things like this coming up, it just means that our world is shifting into a more positive and natural way of living that is sustainable for everyone including the planet! Head over to 'Little Things' and see what you think, just follow the link in the section below for more!

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