For those of us who love the rustic cabins, but have a more..

For those of us who love the rustic cabins, but have a more funky, eclectic, maybe even contemporary style, Decorating A Log Cabin can be a little tricky. Especially if you don't want to go the route of decorating it all in the traditional, and in my opinion, a little drab, log home decor. Even though I can appreciate the traditional log furniture craftsmanship and style, I would only want to do a few things in this style and then do other colours and accessories around it all. I love the juxtaposition, like the author of this awesome post, of the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary. I personally love the pops of colour and texture and enjoy vintage and thrift shopping too much to leave those types of funky items out of my decorating scheme.

This post is wonderful and the author did such an amazing job of compiling together all the photos that she found to have a good, unique decor in them. Your home is your sanctuary and it should express who you are and you should feel super relaxed and expansive in your space. The author was asked by a person, how to decorate her log home without it being with too much typical log home type furniture, and she really did an amazing job of showing us exactly how to achieve that look!

There are so many photos in this post I could just dive into and make myself at home in. I have always been particularly in love with the bohemian style and a more 70s hippie looking style, even ever since I was younger. So I imagine my future home to look something like some of these photos in this post. I feel like the layering of different textures, while using a flowing colour pallet, works really well and can add a lot more depth to a room. Especially when sometimes, log cabins can have a bit of a stark feel. Fabrics are super important in this. As well as rugs to dress up the floors and to keep your feet warmer than walking on a bare floor, especially in the winter time.

Above all, you have to go with your own personal style and what most appeals to you. There are so many great photos to grab inspiration from and start to plan out your own decorating, whether you have a log home or not! These rooms are all so amazing! Head over to ‘ The Handmade Home‘ by following the link in the description below for more!

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