Find Out Why This Tiny House Rocks

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Wow, this is a very interestingly-shaped tiny house. We havenít seen one quite like this before! This forest retreat was built by Uhlik Architekti, an architecture company located in the Czech Republic. The company was approached by a client who needed a forest hideaway, a place where he could rest and unwind from his hectic job in Prague.

This led Ulik Architekti to the building site between central and south Bohemia, a very remote area with a landscape of forest, meadows, and streams, and where all of these odd boulders could also be found.

The area was inspiring to the architectural companyís team and they agreed to build something special there, but it had to be built with their own hands and it had to blend into the natural landscape of the place. And this little house, the forest retreat, was born!

Hereís a place where you can totally feel like youíre a part of nature. Itís so tiny that you might as well be sleeping outside, except you do have shelter over your head and four walls enfolding you. What a perfect place to relax!

When Uhlik Architekti was building the house, they didnít even want to move the strange boulders from where they lay, and so they integrated them right into the construction Ė thus, the interesting angle! The side of the house thatís balanced on the great rock is about 20 feet off the ground. The houseís exterior is crafted from recycled charred wood.

Although it may be small, it is mighty Ė with tons of hidden storage areas. The huge steps that seem to lead to nowhere actually turn into a queen-sized bed. And itís two large windows actually come with shutters that can be closed up thanks to a pulley system and hand-operated winch - all for added privacy.

And that's why this tiny house rocks!

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