DIY Patio Table With Built-In Drink Cooler

Having a patio table is going to be so awesome because it gives you more space to entertain your guests. You can pretty much have an outdoor party and invite anyone you would want to chill with and have some of your favorite dishes served. But what makes a patio table even cooler is the fact that you could literally install a cooler in it. That's right! A patio table with a built-in cooler! If this is your first time learning about it, then you're in for a treat to apply this to your patio table. This means you could turn your boring old and ordinary table into something where you could store some cold drinks in it.Instead of bringing out some cooler or having a fridge outdoors, which is not exactly practical, a patio table with a built-in cooler is something that you should opt for. Remodeling your old table for this and make it into this project is not going to be hard too, because of the instructions that you can find online. You will need an old table, some ice box lids, planter boxes made of plastic, some screws, bolts and of course nails and a hammer. The carpentry required here is not that complicated. Don't forget to include a measuring, tape, drill, pencil, saw, orbital sander, Kreg Jig, and some clamps because these are also your essentials to make this table possible. Read carefully the instructions that are provided when it comes to the measuring of the icebox and how you will insert it on the table. This one is crucial because, if you donít get the measurement precise, then you will have a hard time fitting the built-in cooler for your table.See the whole instructions on the Remodelaholic website, so you are sure that you will get the right details for this project.

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