Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeye Pancakes

This Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeye Pancakes Recipe is like nothing you've seen before! Inside each pancake is a peanut butter buckeye candy filling that is cooked inside each of the fluffy chocolate pancakes. Then the pancake recipe is drizzled with peanut butter and whipped cream on top with a buckeye candy. The Buckeye candies are a whole other recipe that you will find variations for! A couple of tips for making the peanut butter filling for these delicious pancakes is all in the buckeye dough recipe. You will need to roll out the Buckeye dough balls then press them into thin discs. You will then freeze the discs for about an hour so they won't melt when you cook them into the pancakes. To cook the pancakes you will scoop some the chocolate pancake batter onto the griddle that has been heated to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. You will then place the frozen batter onto the griddle and top with some more chocolate pancake batter. Have you heard of a more delicious recipe version of pancakes? You will want to watch the step by step video recipe tutorial on the site to see exactly how this is done. The buckeye candies that are on top of the chocolate pancakes are seriously cute and can be used for other recipes as well.

Peanuts are one of the most popular snacks you will find. They can be eaten raw, and used in a wide variety of recipes. Peanuts can be made into oils, peanut butter, textile materials, and a variety of other things. Popular recipes that are made from peanuts can include salted peanuts, peanut butter, cookie recipes, cup recipes, peanut brittle and shelled nuts. Peanut butter is a favorite addition to sandwiches, candy bars, and dessert recipes. Dry-roasted salted peanuts are also found in a wide variety of snacks. You will find peanuts as a popular ingredient in mixed nuts because of their relatively low cost compared to other nuts such as cashews, walnuts, Brazil nuts, and others. Peanut butter is a favorite on camping trips and in home pantries because of its high protein content and long shelf life. Most of us are familiar with chocolate. It is popular all over the world, and when you add it to a recipe you just know its going to be good. Whether the chocolate recipe is hot or cold, it can be found in beverages, cake recipes, pie recipes, cookie recipes, bar recipes, and puddings with chocolate. Chocolate has been around for a very long time. With the earliest evidence of chocolate use tracing back to the Mokaya of Mexico and Guatemala. There is the history of chocolate beverages that date all the way back to 1900 BC.

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