An Inexpensive, Portable Multi-Use Cabin with Serious Potential to Boost Your Freedom

Need a cute yet simple log cabin for a fishing or hunting camp or maybe a man cave, writing retreat, or study nook? Then check out the Basic Boone log cabin. Its everything you could ever want in a little log cabin and its modelled after the famous log cabin of a famous American hero as well.

The Boone log cabin is not only basic, its inexpensive and its portable and its totally no frills. This cabin design doesnt include interior walls as its completely open concept but who wants interior walls, anyway? Its possible to add on to it, if you need to, though. For example, if youd like to add insulation, a bathroom, kitchen, or a loft thats totally do-able, but it will cost a bit extra. Electric and dormers are available too! The options are endless.

This sweet little basic log cabin was named after the folk hero Daniel Boone, an American pioneer, woodsman, and explorer. Boone was probably the most well-known for his frontier endeavours, which included founding Boonesborough, Kentucky and settling Kentucky, itself, as an official state.

When Daniel Boone was a young man, he worked as a farmer but made extra money by trapping game and hunting. He would sell skins and furs at the local market. Because he loved the wild outdoors so much, he also knew where the best trails were and often became a trail guide. Although it would have been an interesting idea, the Basic Boone log cabin is NOT modelled after Daniel Boones homestead, located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. This was the place where Boone was actually born and it is now a museum that anyone can visit.

Instead, the Basic Boone log cabin is modelled after a very simple yet efficient cabin Daniel Boone had much later in his life this is the one he lived in while he was in Kentucky. At one time Boone owned a great deal of property in the area, but due to land claim disputes and the tricky transition of Kentucky into its own state (rather than a mere county of Virginia), he lost a great deal of it. And so, as the story goes, he and his wife Rebecca moved to this cabin the famous Boone cabin in a place called Brushy Fork in Nicholas County. He continued to trap and hunt here for a while but once an explorer, always an explorer. Before too long, he started longing for new landscapes and adventures, so he and Rebecca set out for Missouri. They both lived and passed peacefully here, and their bodies were returned to Kentucky to be buried in the Frankfort, Kentucky Cemetery a place that overlooks the beautiful Kentucky River they both had loved so well.

The original Boones cabin is also a historic site, located on private property. You can find it at the end of a gravel road just off Highway 68. If you plan to visit some day soon, please park on the side of that road and please do not block access.

But if you want your very own basic Boone Log Cabin, then look no further than this very basic model. This could be the ultimate off-grid home, and its portable so you can move it from place to place, if need be. Just like Daniel Boone himself, you can always keep exploring new territory! Imagine how romantic it could be living here, dreaming dreams of the frontier life, living the life of a pioneer. You could fish for your own food, grow your own garden, and perhaps even keep chickens in the chicken shed. This is the perfect cabin for hunters, adventurers, and storytellers alike. Enjoy!

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