12' x 20' Log Cabins Have All Of The Necessities You'll Need For Your Time In The Woods

These 12' x 20' Log Cabins Have All Of The Necessities You'll Need For Your Time In The Woods, so why not try them out for the next fishing or hunting trip you take with you and your friends. This region is beautiful, clean and fresh. You will love the isolation as well as the digs! The units are large and airy with everything you will need for your stay.

The units are large enough for multiple people and include all that you need such as a coffee maker, shower, refrigerator, and a place to do all your cooking. There are two beds, too, for extra convenience. Of course all the sheets, pillows and other needs are provided for you. You do not need to bring anything but what you need for your sporting or vacation adventure. And there is plenty to be had at these favored fishing and hunting hideaways. Plenty of space for you to find what you want, even if it is just a quiet place to read and relax.

The cabins are located near enough that you could rent multiple cabins for a larger gathering, but they are still far enough away that noisy young teenagers can be given their space while you have a quieter time at your own cabin. The cabins are heated with electricity, too, so you can get quick heat when nights get unexpectedly cool. This is real home comfort with the added attraction of being far away from the noise of the city, work, and the home telephone. Turn your own cell phone off, too, and really enjoy the peace and quiet. Check out their website for more information and to book a few days away, either by yourself, with your family or include friends for a real frolic.

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