12 Unique And Crazy Uses For Potatoes You NEVER Knew Before…

Nutritious, tasty and easy to make, potatoes have been a long-standing food staple in many different areas in the world. Potatoes are even easy to grow in your backyard garden, thus one of the reasons of its popularity. There are many other uses for the potato, especially from traditional views for medicine. However, potatoes can also be used everyday around the house, for purposes other than food:

1. Tarnish remover. Water that is used to cook potatoes can remove tarnish from silverware. After boiling and removing your potatoes, soak silverware in water for an hour. Remove and rinse.

2. Rust cleaner. If you cut a raw potato in half you can use it to clean rust off gardening tools, pots and even pans. Throw a sprinkle of salt on the area to gain even more cleaning power.

3. Eye soother. Forget cucumber slices, use raw potato slices to take away puffiness and discomfort. Lay back and relax with potato slices on your eyes for 10 mins. Even quicker relief if the potato is chilled.

4. Shoe shiner. Raw potato juice can make your shoes shiny. Just rub your shoe’s surface with the edge of a raw potato and wipe away the residue

5. Window/eyeglass and goggle de-fogger. By rubbing the cut up part of a potato half on the inside of the windshield or car window. The juice from the potato will prevent condensation from forming. Try some inside your ski or swim goggles for results as well!

6. Ease of aches and pains. Apply raw potato juice or a potato slice to the affected area for quick relief!

7. Hot or cold pack. Potatoes keep in heat for a long period of time, so go ahead and keep one in your pocket on a cold day! Same goes for frozen potatoes, apply one to aching pains or muscles for quick relief!

8. Cut down on salty flavour. Adding a few potatoes to a salty soup or stew and letting it simmer for 10 minutes will allow the potatoes to absorb some of the salt.

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