These days, it is undeniable that there are a lot of home alternatives. These home alternatives are perfect for those people who are looking for other options than conventional housing.

As a matter of fact, these container homes that are featured in this article will show you a variety of luxurious houses. Shipping container homes are very popular in several countries these days. Listed below are the top ten prefab shipping container homes that cost as low as $24K.

1. The Monaco

With just $24,000 in your pocket, you can have this elegant shipping container home. Its total living space measurement is 160 square feet. It has one bathroom and one bedroom, perfect for a newly-wed couple.

2. The Talma 200

It measures 200 square feet, and it has one bedroom and one bathroom. This would make a great beach hut located near the seashore.

3. The Liberty 200

This one bathroom one bedroom shipping container home can be owned for just $43,500. It measures 200 square feet. It is known as a hunting cabin since hunters are the ones who usually purchase this model. It offers great shelter while doing hunting and fishing activities.

4. The Milan

It has 320 square feet total living space, and it has one bedroom and one bathroom. When you enter into this home, it's spacious feeling allows you plenty of breathing room.

5. The SmartVilla

The modern construction on this model gives you a luxurious and comfortable living experience. For as low as $45,000, you can own this particular shipping container house.

6. The San Marino

It is bigger than the other shipping container homes since it measures 440 square feet. It has one bathroom and two bedrooms, making it perfect for a couple who has a child.

7. The Kara 320

What makes this shipping container home especial is its roll-up glass garage door. It has one bedroom and one bathroom.

8. The Yucatan 320

It will cost you $60,000 if you want to own this kind of home alternative. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom.

9. The Alp 320

It actually looks like a little box in the middle of something, and it has Scandinavian design.

10. The Sol 480

Its total living space measurement is 480 square feet. It has one bathroom and one bedroom.

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